Our Wines

Dry Wine

Zinfandel (Sold Out)

A bold, rich red wine that originated in Italy where it is known as Primitivo


Traditional Italian style red wine (chianti) that is great with pasta or on its own.

Sauvignon Blanc

Hints of honey and melon on the nose lead to flavors of cantaloupe & lemon zest. This bright and beautiful white wine promises to be a favorite of the summer.

Pinot Grigio

A slight bit of sweetness goes a long way in accentuating the fruit of this white wine made in the traditional Italian style

Semi-Sweet Wine

Raspberry Blush

A slightly sweet blend of white grape wine and raspberry wine

Don Rosso

Our proprietary blend of “Spaghetti” Red that is easy to drink on its own but superb with food.

Sweet Wine

Cantina Bianca

Sweet and fantastically aromatic this wine is made in the fine tradition of Italian Muscato and Tennessee Muscadine

Vino Rosso

A blend of several red grape varieties that finishes off southern style… meaning sweet!

Black and Blue

A delicious blend of blackberries and blueberries that excites the palate and is rich in antioxidants so drink up it is not only good tasting but it is good for you too!


This enticing wine is a blend of red wine with refreshing citrus flavors and hints of cherry and pineapple.

Bubbly Wine


This dry, Brut style bubbly wine made from Vidal Blanc and Cayuga will please the taste of even the harshest critic.

Hillside Spumante

This sweet bubbly white wine is made in the tradition of an Asti

Muscadine Spumante

The official flavor of the south made into a fantastic and sweet bubbly wine.

Raspberry Spumante

This sweet bubbly wine is bursting with the flavor of raspberry and leaves you with a tart finish


This is a delightful bubbly cranberry wine. $5 of the first 1000 bottles sold is donated to the American Cancer Society.

Limited Edition

King Of South

Our very popular Muscadine Dessert wine offering has returned! 100% Muscadine wine with a slighter higher alcohol content than our normal offerings.

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